The 5th Annual PAGE Summit by the ELGP 

The 5th Annual PAGE Summit was an absolute success on all levels – uniting an electrifying community of leaders from the realms of institutional procurement, community impact, supplier diversity, and minority business enterprises. This event was a dynamic epicenter for networking and learning, offering attendeesthe golden chance to swap ideas and stories with fellow trailblazers. […]

Harry Hayman: A Beacon of Entrepreneurship and Community Engagement

Harry Hayman is more than just a name in Philadelphia—he’s a force driving innovation, entrepreneurship, and community engagement across the city. With a diverse portfolio of business ventures and a deep commitment to philanthropy, Harry has left an indelible mark on Philadelphia’s cultural and economic landscape. Harry’s journey began in the restaurant and hospitality industries, […]

Harry Hayman of Philadelphia: Pioneering Change in Philadelphia Through Jazz, Philanthropy, and Documentary Filmmaking

In the vibrant heart of Philadelphia, Harry Hayman, a name synonymous with innovation and community service, is making waves across diverse sectors, from jazz music and philanthropy to documentary filmmaking. Hayman’s multifaceted endeavors, including The Philadelphia Jazz Experience, the Feed Philly Coalition, Another 3 Hearts Production, and an upcoming documentary on food insecurity, showcase his […]