The 5th Annual PAGE Summit was an absolute success on all levels – uniting an electrifying community of leaders from the realms of institutional procurement, community impact, supplier diversity, and minority business enterprises. This event was a dynamic epicenter for networking and learning, offering attendees
the golden chance to swap ideas and stories with fellow trailblazers.

The night sparkled with an unforgettable opening speech from Alba Martinez, the City of Philadelphia’s Commerce Director and Mayor Cherelle Parker. Their profound insights laid down the perfect groundwork for a riveting
series of discussions

The panels commenced with a deep dive into the local food economy Panel giving a holistic view of the food system from producers and shippers to storage and serving.  Attendees learned about the challenges and opportunities connected with every step of the supply chain.  There was discussion on how, ideally, it can include more minority businesses thus creating more local jobs.

The panel was moderated by Harry G. Hayman IV, Sr. Fellow to Food Economy & Policy and featured Keith Bethel, CEO and founding partner of Triple B Holdings,  Colleen Reardon, in charge of Strategic Sourcing from Penn Procurement Services and passionate insights from Matthew Nam, Co-owner of Win-Win Coffee.

The next discussion had an all-star lineup of panelists: Dr. Erica Patterson, the pioneering Head of Supplier Diversity at the Philadelphia Gas Works; Victoria Daniels, the groundbreaking Chief Diversity
Supplier at the University of Delaware; Jonathan Sterling, the innovative Manager of Diverse Supplier Initiatives at AmeriHealth led by the incomparable Tia Abdulhadi who is in PAGE’s Resource Business Manager.

Each brought their unique lens to the conversation, weaving together a rich tapestry of insights on the latest trends and initiatives spanning diverse sectors and ended with a fire side chat with Michael Pearson, the visionary President and CEO of the Public Health Management Corporation;

Alba Martinez, Cherelle Parker, alongside other senior city officials, Kenyatta James, Head of PAGE and Jeff Hornstein, Executive Director of the Economy League, did not just speak—they captivated, delving into the critical challenges and opportunities Philadelphia faces, sparking deep and impactful discussions that resonated with everyone present.

Heartfelt thanks to the partners and sponsors. Their dedication to bridging connections between the titans of public and private sectors and the champions of diverse suppliers has yet again carved out a phenomenal platform for spirited dialogue and the birth of revolutionary ideas.

The exclusive sneak peek into the Underground Railroad Museum before the main event wasn’t just a tour—it was an invigorating journey through history, setting an inspired tone for the summit. As the event unfolded, the chance to mingle was sweetened with a delightful dinner by Details By Ms Dawn, wrapping the evening in warmth and camaraderie.

Attendees jumped at the chance to build impactful connections with potential buyers and suppliers, unlocking doors to thrilling opportunities and charting a course for a collective future brimming with success in diverse and equitable procurement across Philadelphia. The 5th Annual PAGE Summit wasn’t merely an event; it was a landmark celebration in our shared quest to cultivate a more inclusive and thriving Philadelphia. What an adventure it was and a journey it is!

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